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26-28 August 2014.


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There are many ways to enhance your business at the ITCN Asia Exhibition

  1. High Level Government Officials
  2. Financial Sector Specialists
  3. Members of Federations
  4. Members of Trade Associations
  5. Trade Delegations from various Countries
  6. Top Executives and professionals from local Industry
  7. Policy and Decision Makers/ Advisors

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There are many ways to enhance your business at the ITCN Asia Exhibition

  1. BI – Business Intelligence
  2. BPM – Business Process Management
  3. Anti Spam & Anti-Virus Solutions
  4. Biometrics & Telemetries
  5. Business & Enterprise Storage
  6. Enterprise Notebooks & POS

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Speakers Guidelines

For abstract.
    1. An abstract not exceeding 300 words, to be submitted by the Speaker prior to the submittal of the paper, no later than 20th June, 2014
    2. English will be the official language of the conference
    3. The final paper should also include brief profile of the speaker.
    4. The paper abstracts may be submitted through email to
      Submittals may also be made through post as per the contact information given below, having envelopes titled as “ITCN ASIA Conferences 2014 – Call for papers”.

Each speaking slot’s time limit is 15 minutes. Speakers are expected to keep up with the time limit.

  1. The speakers are requested to choose the topic in accordance with the theme of session and the presentation be focused on thetopic.
  2. Presentations related to brand promotion; sales and marketing would not be entertained


There are many ways to enhance your business at the ITCN Asia Exhibition

  1. Cloud Pakistan
  2. Information Security
  3. Data Center Solutions
  4. DMobile VAS Convention
  5. eBanking & mBanking


From its inception in 2001, Largest IT event ITCN Asia, now being organized for the 13th consecutive year, has grown up as the biggest IT & Telecom extravaganza of Pakistan.

Most powerful brands of the world will showcase their state-of-the-art products and services which would allow the user community to get exposure to a wide range of technology and solutions under one roof.


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